Real-Time, Parking Intelligence System

ParkAide™ is the first step in providing a virtual look at disparate parking management data through a centralized command center interface. The approach uses Infinite’s new Parking Data Aggregation and Standardization Library (PDASL) to collect data and images from different parking vendor applications and systems along with mobile interfaces to street personnel for alerts, messaging, and time clock posting.

The system is designed to give immediate insights to parking operations managers and on-street employees so action can be taken. The system can interface to any vendor’s API service for meter data, gate data, payment kiosks, and video etc. ParkAide™ also provides reports for historical and trend analysis.

The system is designed to give immediate insights to parking operations managers and then take action. The system can interface to meter data, gate data, payment kiosks, and video.

Dashboard, Meter Health, & Enforcement

Every few seconds, ParkAide’s dashboard is updated to provide a consolidated GPS map view of all parking meters status to ensure the meter is functioning properly and to assist in parking meter enforcement. ParkAide™ is designed to perform with multiple digital meter companies and provides an open interface to external parking systems. ParkAide™ is a software driven solution and does not require additional proprietary hardware. ParkAide™ provides a low cost, green approach to meeting the needs of parking management.

Alerts and Messaging

The operation’s management dashboard has a messaging interface. Messages can be sent from the command center to an individual, a group, or to all on-street personnel. Alerts are configurable to allow for automatic notifications to on-street employees or to the command center for analysis. Street personnel utilize smart phones or tablets for messages, time clock, and meter/space information.

Meter Health, Parking Time AND Off-Street Information

A table view of all installed meters and the current status and health. It is user configurable for the health items to be viewed (battery, paper, errors, etc.) Each meter view expands to a space view showing time remaining or time over parked. This real time data capability will lead to efficient enforcement for operation and ticket management. The Off-Street section of the dashboard provides real time garage/lot occupancy data and hardware status.

Mobile Parking Availability

ParkAide™ uses integrated meter space data and GPS locations to show the user parking probabilities throughout the city. The user selects the space and ParkAide™ communicates to the smart phone navigation to direct the user to the spot selected.