Infinite Incubation Lab

Infinite incubation lab was conceived a year ago and started up in the last six month. Our researchers works on next-generation solutions and services primarily on below technology.

  • Big Data
  • IoT
  • Mobility
  • Cloud Automation Testing
  • Business Intelligence

The lab acts as a hub for the incubation of new ideas relating to Big Data, IoT, Mobility, Cloud automation Testing & Business Intelligence. In the incubation lab we are challenging our researchers to create next generation solutions and services. The lab focusses on market research of next generations/evolving technologies to address various challenges. We develop solution approach and proof of concept for next generation technologies. Our Incubation Facility is an express platform where creative professional exchange yields tangible results output. The Lab is working under various design process and has projects in various stages of development from very early experimentation to one that is fully developed and ready to incorporate into the main product family.

We also have developed a strong culture for helping businesses & startups to realize their ideas into working solutions. We are supplementing their idea with strategy, planning & execution to deliver guaranteed success. We do Rapid prototyping and our primary goal is to help our clients Ideas into realization. We strive to make it easier for companies (service providers and enterprises) to quickly roll out new services and features, while helping to rein in deployment or operational costs. Our experience in different technologies and domains has made us to have a unique perspective on how technology, innovation & creativity can be used effectively to deliver success.

Our research group focus is on below areas:

  • Developing new tools & techniques for delivering high performing applications with efficient methodologies
  • Development of high performance solutions frameworks to meet stringent performance
  • Performance modelling and simulation of following areas:
    • Data volumes (Big Data)
    • IoT Sensor-Cloud communication
    • Mobility
    • Cloud Automation Testing
    • Business Intelligence
  • Performance Monitoring and Analytics
  • Benchmarking
  • Reliability Analysis
  • High Performance Computing
    • Algorithm optimization on Multi-Node, Multi-core systems and co-processors
    • Including scientific, engineering, visualization and financial applications
    • Low Latency Messaging Development

Below are tools and technology in respective areas where research is in focus:

  • Big Data: In our incubation lab for Big data technology, we are using Apache Hadoop (YARN), Apache Spark, Apache Storm, PIG, HIVE, Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, Apache Mahout, Apache HBase, Apache Kafka etc. We are primarily focusing on processing of real time streaming, Big Data analytics problems, predictive models & developing efficient machine learning algorithms that exploit the new big data stack and emerging data sources. In particular, there is increasing demand from organizations to discover and explore data using advanced analytics algorithms (e.g., large-scale machine learning, graph analysis, statistic modeling) for deep insights. In this talk, we will present our efforts on building large scale distributed ML on Apache Spark with many “web-scale” companies, including very complex and advanced analytics applications / algorithms leveraging both application and infrastructure specific optimizations.
  • IoT: In our incubation lab for IoT technology, we are using ESP8266 chip, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beagle Board, Adafruit Sensors etc. We work on analytics aspects of ‘Internet-of-Things’ to solve business challenges through our innovative approach for detecting anomalies, optimization and providing predictions. We foresee huge IoT economic opportunities across an incredibly broad range of applications, including smart cities, healthcare, retail, home automation, agriculture, industrial control, logistics, and many more.
  • Mobility: We provide IT consulting and create mobile solutions that are apt for your industry in a customized manner to keep you ahead of your competitors.
  • Cloud Automation Testing: Our team delivers flawless solutions by continuous testing at every stage thus helping you reduce business risks and manage operations efficiently.
  • Business Intelligence: Our practice consists of expert BI Consultants, Data Warehouse Architects, ETL Consultants and DBAs to help businesses define & deploy Business Intelligence solutions. When initiating a new BI platform adoption initiative, our emphasis remains to identify the business drivers and the metrics that will determine success. To maximize the chance for success, we tailor a BI project to begin small and then grow.

Our dedicated technology startup incubation lab helps startup companies and entrepreneurs to build and create great Software. Our reach team has helped us to partner with companies and provide you with Software strategy, consulting services, support services, technical support and many more. You are free to get in touch for consultancy and solutions.