Mobile Applications


Mobile visitors aren’t just on the go; they have different goals than visitors who are on a PC. Our enterprise solutions focus not only on WCMS and Custom Application Development, but also on Mobile Development. Infinite is an innovative provider of customized mobile applications for many industries:


Given today’s booming e-business on mobile devices, many retailers are moving away from physical loyalty cards and instead are hitching their programs to mobile numbers, mobile applications or even payment accounts. Our team at Infinite has significant experience in finding custom solutions for your unique requirements. We can build mobile applications in a unified way that allows you to access information from any kind of mobile device.

Financial Services

The financial services industry faces many challenges—increased regulatory governance and risk management, better customer acquisition and retention strategies, and the increasing need to integrate new applications. For businesses with vision, the opportunities to gain on your competition are greater than ever.

Infinite’s innovative solutions include mobile banking applications and services to help meet your increasing consumer demands. We can improve your customer experience and loyalty with robust and secure online banking solutions, developed specifically to meet your needs.


Technology in the classroom is growing exponentially, providing a rich, interactive experience for both students and teachers. Wireless mobile learning has transformed education—tablets, eBooks, PDAs, social networking and interactive white boards are all common tools for today’s educators. From grade schools to universities, the move to cloud computing and virtual desktops is on—saving schools money on infrastructure and improving real-time interaction for students and teachers.

Infinite can help you take advantage of this fast moving landscape of new technology. We create custom applications for smart phones, tablets and eReaders, allowing 24/7 access and learning outside of school.  If you are looking for assistance integrating your Learning Management System and Student Information System, are ready to make the transition to the cloud, or simply want to streamline content management for your website, we can help!


No matter which part of the industry you’re in—whether you are a carrier, agency or brokerage—investing in the right technology can increase profitability, improve customer service and optimize your business processes. Opportunities to leverage cloud computing and SaaS mean decreased infrastructure and support costs.

Predictive analytics offer improved business analysis, targeted marketing strategies and better customer retention. Social networking and mobile computing allow you to provide better service through real-time repair monitoring, improved policy management and advanced billing, claims services and policy systems.

State and Local Government

The public is increasingly demanding higher efficiency, more transparency and greater access to government. Are your IT systems up to the challenge?

Infinite understands the unique needs of public sector engagements, and will provide a solution to help you make the most of your investment. The rapid growth of smart phones means more and more constituents are reaching out to you via mobile devices.

Infinite can provide customized applications geared specifically to serving this growing public segment. From local government to state departmental and multi-agency initiatives, Infinite has experienced public sector professionals ready to help you.

Parking Operational Management

ParkAide® is the most advanced digital parking and personnel asset management system available on the market today. It uses smart technology to manage digital parking assets and enhance revenues for parking system applications in real time in the control center and on mobile applications for parking system employees and the general public. The ParkAide® system currently offers five modules, with more in development:

  • Integrated Vendor Neutral Dashboard: Off-street systems and digital meter information in one spot with GPS mapping of all parking assets and personnel.
  • StreetView: This mobile application shows on-street personnel real-time parking space status.
  • Automated Alerts: The ability to send hardware failure alerts to personnel and the dashboard based with full configuration rules.
  • Mobile On/Off Duty Time Recording: Smart device application to log work hours. This data is relayed back to the ParkAide® dashboard and captured for payroll entry.
  • Mobile Parking Availability: ParkFast® is a general public mobile application that shows and directs the consumer to a probable open parking space.

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